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09/07/2018, 10:08


 Being elegant doesn’t necessarily mean being rich; keeping in mind some simple rules could help you look polished on a budget.

Being elegant doesn’t necessarily mean being rich; keeping in mind some simple rules could help you look polished on a budget.

Here are six pieces of advice you might want to consider if you aim to look classy everyday:

1. Choose mid over short
Mid length dresses or skirts make you look like a lady, without covering too much. Of course, such items might seem unflattering for some body shapes but remember: it’s all about context. A mid or knee length dress can look good on you even though you are short. Try to wear it with high-heeled sandals or pointed-toe shoes.

2. Choose solids over prints
As much as I loved prints, I have to admit solid color clothes look better and are more versatile. Not only they match both pattern items and other solid color garments, but they also fit more contexts and situations, which means you can wear them from morning until evening.

3. Choose florals over polka dots
If the previous paragraph disappointed you, here’s some good news: if you just can’t give up prints, you might want to choose finer ones and/or create balanced outfits which combine printed and solid color elements. In case you want to go with prints all-over, choose feminine florals over polka dots.

4. Choose simple cuts over ruffles
Speaking of designs, the cut of the clothes you choose to wear should reflect your personal style and match your body type at the same time. Well-placed ruffles can play a significant role in balancing the silhouette but, generally speaking, simple cuts and a limited number of details can make a look seem more refined.

5. Choose your "battlefield" reasonably
Alright, now that you know what to buy next, you might feel tempted to go shopping right away. Wait, there’s more to ponder: cuts, prints and fabrics are essential, but the price might vary depending on the store and time of the year. That’s why you might want to consider outlets and sales as two important factors when planning your next shopping session. If you are less interested in trends and more focused on clothes as a way to express your personality, outlets are the perfect places where you can find beautiful things matching your personal style. Prices are lower all year round and, if you are patient enough, sales periods can be extremely gratifying!

6. Take care of your shoes and bags
Accessories can make or break an outfit. If you want to always look good, not only you should be willing to invest money in some carefully chosen bags, shoes, belts and jewelry but you should also take the necessary time to "treat" them well because the checklist for good-looking outfits does not end as soon as we leave stores. Storing your shoes and bags in good conditions can extend their life. This way, you will be able to enjoy multiple good-looking options once you buy new items instead of replacing old ones and stick to a limited range of choices. Cleaning and storing your (expensive) shoes and bags properly can help you save a lot of money and energy in the long run.

I hope these six basic suggestions could represent a good starting point for you to improve your shopping experiences and make the most of your time and money without giving up your style.

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