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08/03/2019, 10:51

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 Whether you are already enjoying warm spring days in your area or not, you might have peeped at the latest fashion trends for the months to come so that you can purchase some well-chosen garments that will help you update your wardrobe and look ...

Whether youare already enjoying warm spring days in your area or not, you might havepeeped at the latest fashion trends for the months to come so that you canpurchase some well-chosen garments that will help you update your wardrobe andlook. Have you already come up with some ideas? I have and I want to share twofashionable but also wearable looks with you today. The garments andaccessories I selected aren’t only beautiful but also pocket-friendly. 

Few weeksago, I was invited by Modagenovaroma.com, the first local shopping website herein Genoa, Italy, to share some general ideas regarding the colours that will takeover the streets during the next season. Long story short, I mentioned thefollowing five main colours: 

Aspen Goldor, simply put, yellow - in bright monochromatic outfits or only used oneye-catching accessories, this colour is the solution in case you are lookingfor a way to add some light and freshness to your look. 

- the alreadyfamous Living Coral, which has officially been chosen the colour of the year byPantone Color Institute, brings in plenty of optimism and looks good on tannedskin - go for it if you’ve just come back to the city after the White Week onthe snow and you are ready to show off that glow! 

- metallics- I’ve mentioned them so often in previous posts that I feel there’s nothingelse I could add without being boring. 

- neutralearthy tones are feminine and refined and the right hues look awesome on almostall skin tones. 

- khaki isa great choice for those of you who want to create outfits totally inspired bythe modern utility trend. 

The blogpost to which I contributed is available in Italian at this link

As soon asI identified the colours of the coming season and with some general guidelinesregarding textures and other details in mind, I went on and started a thoroughonline research. My main goal consisted in finding the most fashionablegarments at the most convenient prices to mix in both original and wearablelooks. Are you curious to see the result? Stay tuned for a series of outfitscoming in the following weeks! 

As for thisfirst post of the series, I focused on the appealing (at least, to me :) ) colour combos khaki-orange and ashgreen-living coral, and came up with two sporty-chic outfits. 

On the onehand, there is this look built around a vinyl mini skirt and a pair of highplatform ankle boots accessorized with a black waist bag, which can also be wornas a shoulder bag, a black postman hat, statement hammered geometric metallicearrings, a pair of shades with orange lens and light metallic frames and ablack wristwatch with gold details from Capitola. Do you findit trendy? Don’t worry; it’s also pocket-friendly, just like I promised! Thetotal cost of this look amounts to less than 260 Euro. And there’s more: if youuse the code PUNTODISTILE on the Capitola website, you can get your Capitolawristwatch with 15% off! Why don’t you just have a look? 
Use codePUNTODISTILE and get your Capitola wristwatch with 15% off

Biker bootsand vinyl skirt: PrettyLittleThingUSA 
All theother accessories: Zalando 

On theother hand, the second outfit is all about the modern utility trend adapted tothe urban jungle. The fishnet top and bag and the living coral bandeau top notonly acknowledge the latest fashion trends, but also give an unexpected twistto an otherwise anonymous combo of cargo pants and multi-coloured "ugly" sneakers.The accessories are nothing but an excuse for further friskiness and colour. 

If you arewondering how much money you need to get a similar look, here is the truth: thetotal cost of this one is lower than 290 euro. If you are looking to cut costs,you can use the code PUN15 in order to purchase the orange top (and/or anyother item you want) with 15% off on the Bright Swimwear website
Use codePUN15 for 15% off on Bright Swimwear 

Fishnetcrop top: Erachieti 
Bandeautop: Bright Swimwear 
Bag: Etsy 
Cargo pantsand other accessories: Zalando  

What willbe your favourite colour this spring? If solids simply aren’t for you, there’sno reason to worry: this season will be full of punk and pop details, colourfulbrush strokes and modern versions of tie-dye borrowed from the ’60s. We willtalk about them all in the next blog posts of the series dedicated to thisspring’s fashion trends.

This post contains affiliate links. Thatmeans if you buy something after clicking one of the links on this page, I mayreceive a commission, at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting my site!

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