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30/03/2019, 09:16

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 How are you planning to update your wardrobe and look for the new season? In this post, we are going to talk about some of the spring 2019 fashion trends and together we will mix colorful clothing items in modern, but convenient and chromatically ...

How are you planning to update your wardrobeand look for the new season? In this post, we are going to talk about some ofthe spring 2019 fashion trends and together we will mix colorful clothing itemsin modern, but convenient and chromatically balanced looks. I will also tellyou what inspired me and the item I found most difficult to spot.                                     

In thefirst post of the series dedicated to this spring’s trends, we focused on the modernutility style and remained on a safe ground from the chromatic point of view. TodayI invite you to make room for colours. I love outfits that use colorful printed items as central elements andaccessories in the same color palette. I find them sophisticated. This is the exact reason why Iwanted to provide you with two looks featuring a wide range of colors, fromwhite to black, passing through yellow and orange bright tones. 

Inspired bythe Prada and Moschino fashion shows, the outfits that I am going toshare with you today are an expression of past styles and techniques with amodern twist. 

The tie-dyetechnique was probably discovered by mistake. It is an old method of partial dyeingof fabrics. I have always linked the psychedelic spirals to the ’60s or ’70s andthe hippie movement. This year, it’s back in style in a new version. It wasembellished with new shapes and overlapping patterns this time. For the firstoutfit, I chose a deep V neckline maxi dress with a ribbon knotted on the backas the central element. Its pattern echoes the tie-dye pattern in countlessshades of green and orange. Its line makes it perfect for those of you lookingto draw the attention away from a rather large waist. Considering the vibrantpattern of the dress, I used solid-color accessories, apart from the hat. Thecolor block hat and the soft boots add further novelty to the look. Speaking ofprices, aside from the boots that cost almost as much as all the other itemsput together, I would say they are pretty convenient. The total cost ofthis look amounts to 197 euros.   
Maxi dress: Anna Field 
Crossbodybucket bag: Amazon 
Cone heel knee-highboots: Stradivarius 
Color blockhat: Sisley 

MoschinoSpring Summer 2019 was the fashion show that I enjoyed more than others in the sameFashion Week. The Parisian looks were aesthetically clean and only embellishedwith these simple apparently random doodles. Jeremy Scott’s patterns in brightcolors impressed and inspired me to create today’s second outfit because they alsotalked about fast fashion and the extremely short amounts of time availablebetween two fashion shows. Speaking of the Spring/Summer 2019 collection, thedesigner stated: "Fashion is going too fast! There’sa cruise collection after another collection, you have another show, and acapsule..." "I couldn’t get it done this season! All I have are sketches! So, I’mshowing you the sketches of the collection." (Vogue

This is whyI really wanted to use an item with a similar pattern in one of the outfits forthis spring. I have to confess that the sweater dress with brush strokes print wasthe hardest to find! But it was worth it: you can now find it for half price. Ithink it’s a great choice for rather robust silhouettes. If you plan to drawattention to the slender legs, two-tone optical tights and a pair of pointed toepumps with comfortable heels will suffice. In case this mix is not trendyenough for you, my dears, you can also add a soft crossbody bag matching the shoesand contrasting earrings in a different color found on the sweater dress. Whatdo you think? Maybe you likeit even more if I tell you the total price: 110 euros! :) 
Sweater dress: Nuovo Stile Italiano 
Optical tights: Calzedonia  
Pumps: Tata Italia 
Soft crossbody bag: Promod 
Stone earrings: Bijou Brigitte 

I hope you enjoyedreading this post and the two looks can serve as inspiration for your own outfitsand future shopping sessions. I invite you to share your opinions in the commentsbelow. What did you like most? What did you like least? I’ll meet you here forthe third post of the series dedicated to the already ongoing season. I wishyou a colorful spring! See you soon! :) 

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