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01/12/2018, 10:43

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 Complete lists of this season’s trends are easy to find, but they are not enough for you to know how to dress on a daily basis. I truly hope that some personal considerations on the most popular trends right now could help you make more conscious ...

Complete lists of this season’s trends are easy to find, but they are not enough for you to know how to dress on a daily basis. I truly hope that some personal considerations on the most popular trends right now could help you make more conscious choices when you start putting together the outfits for winter holidays. Bonus? Outfit ideas to inspire you!

Many of you, ladies, have asked me various questions related to current trends. Some of you were not sure whether a particular deal was worth it or not, while others have already started to look for items to complete their looks for holidays. No matter if you are in the first or the second situation, I am sure you could benefit from some advice in order to decide on whether to buy or drop an item that may seem a great deal at first glance.

There’s a myriad of colours, patterns, cuts and fabrics out there for you to try in the next few months. Many designers have found their inspiration in the 1960s, the 1980s and the 1990s and fashion has never been so easy to adapt to your own needs, life and personal style. Despite many of the items considered fashionable at the moment are actually wearable, not all of them flatter all body shapes and not all tones and colour combos go well with all skin tones.

Here is a list of Fall-Winter 2018/19 trends and some dos and don’ts I suggest you consider in order to only stick with the ones which best work for you:

Cuts and shapes
1. Statement / oversized sweaters - look great on tall women and add the necessary volume to the upper half of a pear-shaped silhouette. On the contrary, you should avoid such sweaters if your shoulders and bust are larger than your hips. In case you love them so much that you can’t stay away from them, even though you know they are not the most appropriate garments for your body type, you could balance all that volume with a pleated skirt or slightly flared trousers or jeans.

2. Cardigans - are so cosy that it is almost impossible to resist this trend. However, if your body lacks curves, make sure you don’t choose a soft, shapeless cardigan. Length is also important, especially if you are petite. In the case of an apple body shape, trapeze cardigans that cover the waist and do not drop more than mid-thigh are exactly what you need.

3. Flowing gowns - romantic and feminine, they are one of the best choices for you, if you are looking for a soft lightweight garment to follow the lines of your hourglass or pear-shaped silhouette.

4. Padded jackets - choose the right length and enjoy their softness and warmth this winter. A vibrant colour can boost your mood in a blink of an eye.

5. Eighties shoulders - look good on you if you have narrow shoulders or a column body shape. On the other hand, try to avoid jackets with shoulder pads in case your shoulders are wider than your hips, since they would only add further volume and accentuate the imbalance between the upper and lower halves of your body.

6. Parkas - extremely practical, you can use them to complete a fresh dynamic look, especially if you have an apple or pear body shape.

7. Capes - elegant and sophisticated, capes represent the most inspired alternative for those of you who want to stay warm and look classy at the same time. Choose one with an asymmetric hemline for apple and hourglass body shapes. If you are looking to add more volume to or create curved lines on the upper half of the body, capes with large patterns or prints and exaggerated fabrics are your go-to overcoats.

8. Workwear - cargo pants and overalls with big flap pockets look great on tall and slim silhouettes. I recommend you to avoid them if you are short or have a curvy silhouette, since you don’t need extra width.

9. Layering - is a fun way to add volume and use your creativity. Opt for multiple layers if you have a straight rectangle body shape.

1. Velvet - soft and delicate, it is a good choice for any kind of outfit and for any time of the day. Its use is not limited to evening and formal looks anymore, but it is best to wear in winter.

2. Lace - just like in the case of velvet, this fabric is not considered too luxurious for everyday outfits anymore. However, lace, sheer and shiny textures are excellent for posh holiday looks.

3. Corduroy - thick and durable, this fabric is one of the most appropriate to wear in autumn and winter. Always remember that it enlarges the silhouette, though.

4. Knitwear - you can surely find a good fit for you among the wide range of pullovers and cardigans available in stores these days. All you have to do is keep in mind the fact that length and volume are crucial.

5. Tweed - not only in black and white, but also with colourful patterns, this fabric is both trendy and appropriate to wear outdoors. Herringbone and houndstooth have been some of the most popular patterns for overcoats ever, while checked tweed has been used more and more often on blazers and coats in recent years.

6. Leather - black leather adds attitude to an all-black look, but it can also be used in various combinations to create contrast. Black leather mini dresses are getting a lot of attention this season. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing such a dress, you can still try a skirt or a pair of leather pants.

7. Faux fur and sheepskin - be it in neutral tones or pop colours, faux fur is still on trend. It’s useless for me to say that both add a lot of volume, so you have to carefully consider if you should wear them or not.

Colours, patterns and trimmings
1. Metallics as neutrals and hologram effect - are cool, bold and sensual. If you decide to give them a try, there is one thing you need to know: shiny fabrics reflect light, which means they increase body size. Choose silver for cool skin undertones and warm golden shades for warm skin undertones.

2. Brilliant jewel tones - use sapphire, amethyst, ruby, amber and emerald hues if your goal is to improve your appearance by means of colour.

3. Bright / fluo colours - are not for the faint of heart but they are huge this season. Wear them and be sure your outfit will be a head-turner. Yellow has become very popular lately and you can just start with it for a safe warm-up.

4. Black and charcoal - all-black looks and the classic black and white combo are huge and look good on everyone. Think of proportions and areas you intend to hide when you choose to wear black.

5. Animal print - this season is the best moment for you to get wild and creative: from black and brown leopard prints and black and white zebra stripes to animal prints in bold colours like red, blue, green and yellow, everything is allowed.

6. Checks - windowpane and tartan or plaid have conquered everyone this season. You can wear them on blazers and overcoats, but also on skirts and other garments. Do you want to stand out and show off your legs? Then opt for checked leggings or tights!

7. Flowers - not the usual, delicate ones, but bold floral prints in fall-leaves-inspired autumn tones are rocking feminine looks. If you are planning to conquer the world (or your partner, for starters), choose a long sleeve dress in chiffon or georgette and a pair of ankle boots or cuissardes.

8. Fringes - wear fringed garments to create movement and embellish your look. From simple brush to tassel fringes and from leather to the more extravagant beaded fringes, playing with lengths and volumes has never been easier. If you’re not much into playfully trimmed clothes, focus on accessories such as a fringed warm scarf or a decorated bag.

9. Couture frills - are an exquisite choice for an elegant look and, since winter holidays are approaching, why not take them into consideration for the formal Christmas party with your colleagues or for New Year’s Eve?!

10. Graphic trousers - choose colour block with lettering or other prints on the sides if you want to elongate your silhouette. Opt for graphic prints all over in case you want to draw the attention towards the lower half of your body.

In terms of footwear, ankle boots with peculiar details, such as artsy heels, can easily upgrade any look. You can also choose pointed toes or sock boots made in soft fabrics like velvet or technical fabrics. They are all easy to find and fun to wear. On the other hand, lace-up working boots are comfy and go well with anything. Moreover, there is no doubt Texan boots are the hottest trend of the season.

Speaking of accessories, head wraps are both fashionable and practical, since they protect you from the low temperatures outside. Hoods and leather or knitted caps may seem more at hand, but turbans and scarves wrapped around your head are an elegant alternative that can help you get a posh finishing touch. By the way, you can also get that by means of sparkling statement jewels such as a pair of chandelier earrings. This season, it’s all or nothing: either that or minimal necklaces and bracelets.

Have you decided on the trends you are going to wear this season? I thought some outfit ideas could make things easier for you, so here are my suggestions:

I put together two fashionable daytime looks sharing a minimal necklace, a quilted bag and a matching wallet. My intention was that of exploring the animal print theme in different tones of red and give you the chance to choose the one which best suits your body type. Pick left for a pear body shape or right for an hourglass body shape. Which one are you?

On the other hand, I focused on metallics for the evening look. A long slip dress will suffice for a special event, like an awards night or other formal parties. In this case, the accessories are the ones to add colour and glamour, so that the woman wearing this outfit can stand out and glow in a refined way. A simple yet exquisite make-up will surely complete this look by adding a further touch of femininity.

What are you going to wear in the months to come? Share your choices in the comments below or get in touch for more advice. Have a fabulous winter and a delightful holiday season!

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